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Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed into Law House Bill 100.

Partial Tax Exemption for pensions of Fire / Police / EMS.



Retired members can receive a retired rocker for their class "A" uniform by going to the property section onSouthlawn Lane next to maintenance shop. Just need to show retiree I.D. card. 

Any retiree who is asking for a replacement item will need to reimburse Montgomery County Fire and Rescue for the actual cost of the item.  They may write a check for the amount and the cost may need to be paid upfront.  

If retirees want to exchange their dry cleaned class A coat and pant for a different size using our spare items, we can try to accommodate that at no charge but there is no guarantee of the sizes we will have. 

Here are some general prices which may change each year:

Hat badge $54

Breast badge $54

Jacket (custom made) $190

Dress pants (custom made) $59

Dress hat $39 or $59 for the Chief's version

Shoes, dress $85


Thank you. 

Leslie Maxam

Section Manager 

MCFRS Property and Supply 


Letter from The IAFF local 1664 RE: Retirment benefits 

We are aware that the Office of the Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans (“ERP”) has sent a letter to former Fire & Rescue Service employees who retired on a non-service connected disability which directs them to submit a copy of their 2015 Federal tax return (and supporting documentation) in order for the ERP staff to determine retirees’ continuing eligibility to receive a disability pension.  We also understand that at least some of the non-service connected disability retirees, i.e., those whose “normal” retirement date had already occurred, have not received such directive in the past.


It appears initially that the Director of the Employee Retirement Plans is taking the position that the pensions of former Fire & Rescue Service employees who retired on a non-service connected disability must be reduced if they receive income from a job that, together with their County pension, exceeds the current maximum earnings of the job classification from which the employees retired; and that this pension reduction rule applies even if the retiree is beyond his/her “normal” retirement date.  Those of you who have contacted the Union office about this matter have asked whether this pension reduction rule is in conflict with past practice and/or the County Code.


The Union has initiated an investigation of this matter, and when all of the facts have been obtained, will seek the opinion/advice of its legal counsel.  In the meantime, we strongly urge you to comply with the “order” to submit a copy of your 2015 Federal tax return (and supporting documentation) so that the County does not initiate action to suspend your entire monthly pension payment.  When we have completed our investigation and received an opinion from legal counsel, we will contact you again to let you know the Union’s position on the matter and if legal action is recommended.



Jeffrey Buddle, President

Montgomery County Career Fire Fighters Association
International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1664, AFL-CIO, CLC 

932 Hungerford Drive Suite 33-A
Rockville, Maryland 20850


Office: 301-762-6611
Fax: 301-762-7390

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